Food Grade Self Levelling Epoxy Flooring

Food Grade Self Levelling Epoxy Flooring
FLOOR FORT-EF is a high performance trowel applied solvent free food grade epoxy floor topping with excellent resistant to high mechanical wear and chemical properties. Epoxy Self Smoothing Flooring Screed has been developed typically for areas where optimum chemical resistance combined with decorative effect is required. By using the most up to date in solvent free technology self smoothing system will produce an easily cleaned, non toxic, chemically spill resistant floor with good colour and colour retention. This is a heavy duty industrial flooring. This fluid applied resinous flooring system are optimal for food and beverage companies /industries due to the ability to stand up to the food and safety with extreme environments
< Excellent resistance to the affect of wide range of chemicals
< High strength and durability, Superior resistance to abrasion
< Solvent free and non toxic
< Good griping surface
< Antimicrobial that inhibits up to 99.99% of bacteria
< 100 % solids material, no noxious during application
< Designed for heavy domestic or light industrial use
< VOC less than 50 g/L

Application Field
Recommended for the food and beverage, pharmaceutical, laboratories, hospitals, chemical factories to produce a decorative seamless performance self leveling floor system. It is an extremely high strength floor topping designed for use wherever food and safety standards must be met. It can be applied on most sound substrates including concrete, quarry tile, brick pavers, wood and metal floors. It will restore deteriorated concrete in to a better than new condition

LEED Requirements
FLOORFORT EF flooring system meet the required VOC and emissions requirements and therefore contribute to LEED EQ Credit 4.2 &4.3 : Low-Emitting Materials

HACCP Requirements

FLOORFORT EF food safe flooring system meet the requirements of HACCP to service environments of highest possible hygiene food and beverage safety standards.

Application Surface Preparation
The substrate (concrete) should be one month old and fully dry, clean and sound. The surface must be free from dust, oil, curing compound and any foreign material. The substrate should be moisture free.
Cleaning of Tools
Clean all the tools and equipment with Organix Solvent immediately after the use


Store under ware house conditions, in the original unopened packs. Shelf life: 12 months under conditions below 45°C.
Health & Safety
Flash point 52°C, may Irritate to eyes and skin. Avoid breathing fumes, Wear suitable gloves and eye/face protection. Wash hands with water after use.